The Alcatel QUICKFLIP™ is Coming to Cricket Wireless, But It’s Not Your Average Flip Phone

ATLANTA, Nov. 1, 2017 – Are you budget conscious, seeking simplicity, or looking to buy your pre-teen their first mobile phone? The Alcatel QUICKFLIP™ is likely the device you’re looking for and will be available at Cricket Wireless beginning Nov. 10, 2017 for only $29.99 for new and existing customers. Just in time for the holidays?

The QUICKFLIP is perfect for talk-first, text-next customers who prefer an easy-to-use phone without all the added bells and whistles of most smartphones. It’s also a great option for consumers on a budget who depend on a mobile device to stay connected to family and friends. For parents purchasing their child’s first mobile phone, the QUICKFLIP helps your child stay connected while alleviating many safety concerns that come with most smartphones.

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