BARCELONA – February 24, 2018 – TCL Communication has today unveiled its fastest ever LTE mobile broadband devices with the introduction of the Alcatel LINKZONE CAT12 and LINKZONE CAT7 at Mobile World Congress 2018. Featuring lightweight and portable designs, along with significantly improved LTE speeds and battery life, this new evolution in Alcatel’s mobile hotspot series will connect customers to their work, loved ones, and the rest of the world quickly and easily.

“We live in a highly connected world where access to reliable Internet is essential to our everyday lives no matter where we live or where the road takes us,” said Christian Gatti, Global President Alcatel Business Division and Executive Vice President TCL Communication. “It’s crucial that we have reliable data access that enables us to communicate and interact with everyone, at all times and in all places, and our all-new LINKZONE devices provide the connectivity necessary to make that happen.”

Alcatel’s fastest 4G LTE-enabled mobile Wi-Fi device to date, the Alcatel LINKZONE CAT12 supports maximum download speeds of up to 600Mbps and upload speeds of up to 100Mbps using 3-channel carrier aggregation. It’s also one of the smallest hotspots available on the market, despite having a massive 4300mAh battery that delivers 15 straight hours of working battery life before you need to recharge it, or up to 300 hours standby time with the device’s dual-band WiFi a/b/g/n/ac turned on.  The LINKZONE CAT12 comes with a built-in power bank function, making it also possible to charge your other mobile devices.

Additionally, the Alcatel LINKZONE CAT7 achieves maximum 4G LTE download speeds of up to 300Mbps and upload speeds of up to 100Mbps using 2-channel Carrier Aggregation, and is rated to get 8 hours of battery life so you can be productive through an entire workday.  Weighing 85g and measuring 13.3mm thin, the LINKZONE CAT7 is incredibly light and portable, making it very easy to throw in your pocket or bag without having to worry about losing out on connectivity.

The Alcatel LINKZONE CAT12 and Alcatel LINKZONE CAT7 will be available in select regions around the world starting later this year at 179,99EUR and 99,99EUR respectively. For more information, please visit


BARCELONA – February 24, 2018 – TCL Communication has today introduced the all-new Alcatel 1T tablet series as part of the company’s press conference to kick off Mobile World Congress 2018. With two new compact and portable tablets – the Alcatel 1T 10 and Alcatel 1T 7 – this new series is aimed at being affordably priced while offering simple, sleek designs and the latest Android 8.1 Oreo operating system. The Alcatel 1T series continues Alcatel’s legacy of making mobile technology accessible to consumers around the world, particularly in households looking to share entertainment and gaming experiences as a family.

“Today more than ever we count on our mobile devices to keep us connected to the news, people and entertainment we love, and with our all-new Alcatel 1T tablets, we’re giving consumers around the world a fantastic tablet experience,” said Christian Gatti, Global President Alcatel Business Division and Executive Vice President TCL Communication. “Not only are these two of the best tablets we’ve ever made, they’re also two of the most affordable Android Oreo tablets in the market starting at under 100EUR.”

Both tablets feature Kids Mode, a dedicated mode that comes with pre-loaded applications and content, such as games, kids camera, and drawing app, all designed with the youngest members of our families in mind. This mode also comes with an easily manageable built-in parental control interface that gives parents the ability to set usage limits. Also included in the 1T tablet series is Eye Care mode, which is designed to reduce blue light in order to relieve visual fatigue and have the most enjoyable viewing experience possible, regardless of the time of day or night.


Featuring a 10.1-inch IPS display, the Alcatel 1T 10 tablet offers Wi-Fi connectivity and is Alcatel’s newest and most affordable 10-inch tablet ever.  Weighing 415g, it is also the lightest tablet you can get in its size and price range, allowing for greater portability when sharing the device with the entire family. It comes with a 4000mAh battery that will ensure that your family is able to enjoy entertainment, gaming and productivity for 8 hours on one charge, along with 16GB of internal storage and microSD expanded storage up to 128GB. For maximum productivity, an optional dedicated Bluetooth keyboard and textured cover will be available to make typing quicker and easier while providing protection against scratches, drops and dust.


The Alcatel 1T 7 Wi-Fi tablet also comes with an incredibly pocketable form factor and lightweight body, weighing in at 245g and measuring 9.15mm thin, making it ideal for sharing the device within the home. The 2580mAh battery provides up to 430 hours of standby time and 7 hours of usage, so no matter if you and your family are using it for streaming movies, playing a game together or simply doing email and other work.

The Alcatel 1T 10 and Alcatel 1T 7 tablets will be available later in Q2 across Europe, Latin America and Asia, starting at €99,99 and €69,99 respectively. Both tablets will come in Premium Black and Bluish Black color options. For more information, please visit


BARCELONA – February 24, 2018 – TCL Communication today formally kicked off Mobile World Congress 2018, introducing its all-new and evolved smartphone portfolio, which features experiences that modernize its Alcatel smartphones, bringing flagship-style features and premium design language across the entire lineup. Alcatel will be the world’s first brand to deliver an immersive 18:9 display experience across each series in the portfolio, made possible by using custom-built displays leveraging parent company TCL’s award-winning television technology and bringing the immersive entertainment experiences to smartphone customers. The portfolio also features all-new Alcatel experiences such as Face Key, a facial recognition technology, and enhanced camera options that give users more control over how they capture the moments they want to remember and share. Additionally, Alcatel is committed to the security of its devices and will be offering regular Android security updates, on a minimum quarterly basis, on its most popular smartphones, including its all-new 2018 devices.

With Alcatel FullView 18:9 displays, Alcatel smartphone customers in all of our categories will experience more screen space in smaller form factors across the entire portfolio, making it easier to comfortably browse the Internet, connect with friends and loved ones via social media, catch up on the latest news and enjoy cinematic views for the entertainment they love. Since 18:9 displays reduce the width of the phone, each device feels smaller and easier to hold than comparable devices with the same display size.

“For nearly 20 years, Alcatel has been a leader at delivering high-quality, premium mobile technology experiences that are accessible to consumers around the world,” said Christian Gatti, Global President Alcatel Business Division and Executive Vice President TCL Communication. “As we introduce an all-new direction for our smartphone portfolio, we remain focused and committed to pushing the boundaries of what an affordably priced smartphone can be, providing even richer experiences and flagship-style designs for our customers around the globe.”


“In order to evolve our product portfolio, we needed to start by re-thinking the way we approached the design of our smartphones so that user interaction feels more natural and intuitive,” said Hagen Fendler, Chief Design Officer, TCL Communications. “With our newly introduced smartphone portfolio, we’re unveiling the beginnings of our new design philosophy we call SIMGANIC. This approach conveys organic and simplicity that aims at creating truly caring products with human centric perspective, allowing us to deliver iconic style with thoughtful details and the ability to standardize this philosophy across our entire lineup.”

The SIMGANIC design language can be seen and felt across Alcatel’s all-new 5, 3, and 1 series of smartphones. The series are broken down into the following:


Geared towards everyday lifestyle, the Alcatel 5 series gives customers the best in an affordable flagship for under 300EUR. This series will include the Alcatel 5, which features a bezel-less 5.7-inch Alcatel FullView 18:9 display, premium brushed metallic unibody design and octa-core processor. It also includes experiences that are built for social media lovers to share, such as a 13MP f/2.0 front-facing camera with a secondary 5MP 120-degree super wide-angle lens and LED flash, offering amazing self-portraits that capture three times more than a typical selfie, for stunning group shots. The intelligent camera intuitively switches from portrait mode to super wide-angle mode when it detects more than two faces in the shot.

Additionally, Alcatel is also focusing on customers who love taking pictures to share their lives with friends and family. As a result, the Alcatel 5 comes with a suite of intuitive photo editing tools called Social Mode, which will allow you to take photos in a fun and more efficient way. With Social Square, you can review recently captured photos in one half of the screen, while the camera viewfinder remains active in the other half. This enables customers to review pictures as quickly as they take them, while making it possible to take new pictures at the same time. Instant Collage lets you mash up your best shots into pre-set arrangements. Each section of the collage is taken one-by-one using the camera viewfinder and shifts to the next shape as you progress through the collage. Photo Booth brings back those nostalgic photo moments from the fair or friends’ parties by taking four pictures in a row, one shot per second.

The Alcatel 5 will feature several key experiences designed to deliver greater value to customers, including Face Key. Face Key is a new level of facial recognition security that enables you to easily unlock your device by simply glancing at the screen. In a process that takes less than half a second, Face Key breaks down each facial scan into over a hundred data points to ensure a more reliable match.

The fingerprint sensor is conveniently located on the back, and will include functionality beyond unlocking your phone, such as doubling as a shutter key when taking selfies and keeping sensitive information locked away in privacy mode; additionally, the sensor is programmable allowing each individual finger to launch a different app or service, so you can go straight to your commonly used apps; like Facebook with your index finger, Instagram with your middle finger and your phone dialer with your pinkie.

The Alcatel 5 is now available in select markets in Metallic Black and Metallic Gold for 229,99EUR.


Offering the best in affordable innovation for under 200EUR, the Alcatel 3 series provides many of the great key experiences in the 5 series, including Alcatel FullView 18:9 displays, fingerprint sensors and Face Key. The 3 series is designed with beautifully curved lines, sleek 2.5D contoured edge glass, and curved backs, for a comfortable fit.

Within the 3 series are three new devices that come with high-quality Alcatel FullView 18:9 displays. The Alcatel 3V packs an impressive 6-inch 2K (2160×1080) screen for an immersive viewing experience; the Alcatel 3X offers a 5.7-inch (1440×720) IPS display; and the Alcatel 3 comes with a 5.5-inch (1440×720) IPS display.

The 3 series also features dual rear cameras (in select devices). The 3V uses a 12MP camera paired with a 2MP secondary depth camera with LED flash, providing real-time bokeh and the ability to change the area of focus on any shot, even after it’s taken; and the 3X has a 13MP primary camera and 5MP 120-degree super wide-angle lens with dual-tone flash, making it possible for you to get more content into each shot, whether it’s a group photo or a panoramic vista. Each device in the series also offers 5MP front-facing cameras with LED flash for well-lit selfies regardless of the time of day.

Now available in select markets, the Alcatel 3V comes in Spectrum Black, Spectrum Blue and Spectrum Gold for 189,99EUR. The Alcatel 3X will be available in select markets next month for 179,99EUR, and will come in Metallic Black, Metallic Blue, Metallic Gold, Spectrum Black, Spectrum Blue, and Spectrum Gold. The Alcatel 3 will be available in select markets next month in Spectrum Black, Spectrum Blue and Spectrum Gold for 149,99EUR.


Starting at under 100EUR, the 1 series of smartphone products is Alcatel’s most affordable lineup, providing universal access to great technology for everyone around the world. The 1 series breaks the entry-level stigma of bulky design, low quality displays, poor performance and disappointing camera experiences. This series will include the Alcatel 1X, the first sub-100EUR device from a major global brand to come with an 18:9 screen. Select variants of the 1X also come with other key Alcatel experiences like Face Key and fingerprint sensor, and all variants come with Social Mode for the camera, along with a fit and finish that makes it much more premium than its price tag. Available in select markets in April with single-SIM and dual-SIM options (depending on market), at 99,99EUR and 109,99EUR respectively, the 1X will feature black and blue color options in Suede, as well as gold and rose color options in a satiny finish.

For more information on all of Alcatel’s latest smartphone and other mobile devices, please visit



LAS VEGAS – January 9, 2018 – Demonstrating TCL’s continuing commitment to its mobile handset business, today at CES 2018 it has previewed a new smartphone philosophy and product portfolio direction for the company’s Alcatel business unit. Featuring re-imagined product designs and features that modernize Alcatel’s 2018 smartphones, it is also one of the first smartphone lineups to bring an immersive 18:9 display experience standardized across three new product series. Offering a universal design language, these new Alcatel product series will help make flagship style smartphone features accessible across the mid and entry price tiers.

“As the global smartphone market continues to evolve, we come into a new year recognizing the need to stabilize and transform our Alcatel smartphone portfolio to better serve our customers and meet the opportunities ahead,” said Christian Gatti, Global President Alcatel Business Division and Executive Vice President TCL Communication. “By modernizing our smartphone designs and being one of the first global manufacturers to offer 18:9 full view displays across the majority of our lineup, we’re able to refocus our efforts at democratizing flagship style features and making these experiences accessible to almost any consumer worldwide.”

With this portfolio evolution, Alcatel will also standardize the use of panel manufacturing across the entire product portfolio by utilizing Alcatel 18:9 full view displays. As a top-three LCD panel maker worldwide and America’s fastest growing TV brand, TCL will provide the Alcatel business unit with access to critical manufacturing efficiencies and billions of dollars in research and development, ensuring considerable cost savings and faster time to market for upcoming devices.

Alcatel’s 2018 product lineup can be categorized into three distinct series, each one representing a different pricing tier. These series maintain a flagship look and feel across the board to ensure all users will have the same sense of pride of ownership. The series are broken down into the following:


Representing Alcatel’s affordable premium tier of smartphones, The Alcatel 5 Series is designed to deliver the best possible features consumers want at a cost that’s much lower than comparable flagships. This will include offering features like face unlock, 18:9 full view displays and more. With the Alcatel 5 series, users will enjoy fantastic imaging, a cinema-style viewing experience and large battery for a full day’s use.


The Alcatel 3 Series provides users with an optimal blend of the latest trendy features and affordability, bringing dual cameras, beautiful design and 18:9 full view displays to more consumers without breaking the bank. This series will feature a variety of devices and will include products with large-screen, high-resolution displays.


Providing the best in affordability for the 2018 Alcatel lineup, the Alcatel 1 Series brings an amazing smartphone experience to the masses at the most affordable price point. It offers universal access to unibody hardware with stylish design and premium materials, as well as higher-end features like 18:9 full view displays and face unlocking.

Alcatel will unveil more details about the 2018 product portfolio next month at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. To learn more about Alcatel, stop by TCL’s Booth at CES, #12929 in Central Hall, or visit

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The QUICKFLIP is perfect for talk-first, text-next customers who prefer an easy-to-use phone without all the added bells and whistles of most smartphones. It’s also a great option for consumers on a budget who depend on a mobile device to stay connected to family and friends. For parents purchasing their child’s first mobile phone, the QUICKFLIP helps your child stay connected while alleviating many safety concerns that come with most smartphones.

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